Sec. B Whispering Madison

*Myriewell Enzo
Bureside Garnet

Pennwood Malaga

Pennwood Mujib
Pennwood Ballerina
Bureside Golden Gem Kirby Cane Sundog
Overstone Moonstone
Duntarvie Twilight
Duntarvie Crusader

Royal Welsh Champion &
2- time top of the WPCS sire
Longnewton Maestro
Wynswood Solitaire
Lemonshill Starlight Cottrell Artiste
Uplands Etoile

*Northlight Sienna

Northlight Galliano

H.O.Y.S winner 2004
Res. Ch. Olympia 2004
2003 Olympia "Best of Breed"

Article on Northlight Galliano

Ernford Bellboy

Supreme Champion &
3 - times best of breed at
Olympia 1994, 1996, and
Tetworth Mikado
Royal Welsh Champion
Beaumont Bowbell
Douthwaite Bolero
1993 Olympia qualifier
Tetworth Nikinski
Cosford Blodwyn
Modena Whispering Rye

Rotherwood Royal Chief
Downland Mohawk
Rotherwood Penny Royale

Elphicks Whispering Corn
Solway Master Bronze

3 - time Royal Welsh Ch. & twice top of the WPCS sire
Reeves Golden Lustre


3 years old - 10/03/16

25 months - 10/25/15
growing her winter coat

2 yr. old - 9/19/15

20 months old

18 months old

nine months old - June 2014


October 2016


first day