Grand Slam

Sec. B Whispering Grand Slam
*Myriewell Enzo x *Shillito Miss Goodnight

Winters Tale
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Sec. C Whispering Winters Tale
*Menai Discovery x *Menai Crisialis


Far N' Away

Sec. B Whispering Far N' Away
*Cadlan Valley Manhattan x *Shillito Miss Goodnight

Triple Bronze

Sec. B Whispering Triple Bronze
*Cadlan Valley Manhattan x *Cwrtycadno Tywysoges



Sec. B Whispering Chelsea Rose
Whispering Phoenix x *Carolinas Rambling Rose


Supreme Ch. Sec. B Whispering Queen of Hearts
*Cadlan Valley Bodacious x *Northlight Sienna




Sec. A *Menai Mon Madame
Friars Generous x Menai Mon Ami


Sec. A Logans Princess
Dandardel St. Joe x Dandardel Spring Maple Sugar


Sec. C Whispering Aurora
National Ch. *Menai Discovery x *Menai Crisialis


APHA Whispering Awesomejet
Judys Lineage x Jet A Kota


Sec. B Copper Cherry Jubilee
*Cadlan Valley Bodacious x Copper Rockette

Whispering Folklore

Sec. B Whispering Folklore
West Abbey Rocket x *Cnapaton Victoria

Copper Rockette

Sec. B Copper Rockette
West Abbey Rocket x Copper's Flashing Jewel

Whispering Gold Edition

Sec. B Whispering Gold Edition
Oz Little Britches x Mt. Ridge Jamba

Whispering Archangel

Sec. B Whispering Archangel
*Cadlan Valley Bodacious x *Cadlan Valley Miss Wales

Whispering Marquis

Sec. B Whispering Marquis
Northern-Cross Krugerrand x *Cadlan Valley Miss Wales


Sec. A *Gleiniant Shane
Gleiniant Snaffles x Gleiniant Sequin

Bunbury Cottonwood

Sec. B *Bunbury Cottonwood
Bunbury Figaro x Bunbury Confetti

Oz Joys Glynda

Sec. A Oz Joys Glynda
CC Fury x Alra Joy Light

Whispering Sea Magic

Sec. A Whispering Sea Magic
*Cefnfedw the Senator x Logans Princess

Whispering Silver Symphony

Sec. A Whispering Silver Symphony
*Gleiniant Shane x *Fosterhouses Xara

Whispering Katrina

Sec. A Whispering Katrina
(*Cefnfedw the Senator x Oz Joys Glynda


Fosterhouses Xara

Sec. A *Fosterhouses Xara
Penwisg Picasso x Weston Classie

Whispring Gold Charm

Sec. A Whispering Gold Charm
*Gleiniant Shane x *Fosterhouses Xara

Cefnfedw the Senator

Sec. A *Cefnfedw the Senator
Revel Jack x Carregcennen Sidan

Whispering Pioneer

Sec. B Whispering Pioneer
Oz Little Britches x Rambur Ballog Windchimes

Whispering Dakotas Joy

P.O.A. Whispering Dakotas Joy
Kings EZ Bars x LWS Dakotas Joy

North Rose

Sec. C Whispering North Rose
*Menai Discovery x *Menai Nina

Hi Lisa & Ted
Just want you to know that we got North Rose home here at midnight last night.
She came off the van in great shape and is doing fine and enjoying her new "comfy" stall today.
She is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS & LOVELY filly! She is EVERYTHING we had hoped for!
She is very self assured and a quick study and we haven't  had any problems in handling her.
Thank you so much for entrusting us with her lifetime care and training.

Cadlanvalley Bodacious

Sec. B *Cadlan Valley Bodacious
Eyarth Troy x Cadlan Valley Louisianna

Mt. Ridge Jamba

Sec. B Mt. Ridge Jamba
*Menai Spartacus x *Millcroft Java

Whispering Jubilee

Half Welsh Whispering Jubilee
*Menai Discovery x APHA Whispering Sioux Top


Congratulations and thank you to the following who purchased ponies from Whispering Ridge Welsh in 2007

Patchwork Ponies, KS
Coyote Run Welsh, AB, Canada
Rebecca Lash, ME
Jennifer Yamnicky, MD
Ponies Galore, MN
Debra Meidinger, UT
Heather Bushey, CA
Roxanne Wenstrom, AB, Canada
Andria Manecke, MT

Congratulations and thank you to the following who purchased ponies from Whispering Ridge Welsh in 2006

Rebecca Lash, ME
Alexandra Burke, ON, Canada
Kayla Butler, OK
Wendy Berg, ND
Paul Elliott, VA
Justine Schuler, KS
Jennifer O' Neill, MD

Congratulations and thank you to the following who purchased ponies from Whispering Ridge Welsh in 2005

Family Partners Welsh, OR
Mt. Dragon Welsh, OR
Holly Harker, CO
Davidson Dales and Welsh Cobs, CA
Heritage Hall Farm, WA
Darlene Fanugao, CO
Jessica Tang, CO
Roush Equine, PA
Jessica Zienkievica, TX
Sugarlane Welsh, BC, Canada
Ashley Dees, TX
Joni Zier, WY
Susen Shumaker, SD
Crestone Farms, CO