Sec. B *Cadlan Valley Manhatten

Eyarth Troy

Photo: Cadlan Valley Stud
Many times Ch. & Medal winner

Carwed Charmer

Photo: Eventer
3 time Royal Welsh Ch. & 3
- time top of the WPCS sire ratings

Hilin Caradus
Twycross Personality
Hilin Virginia
Carwed Pettra Georgian Red Pepper
Carwed Partridge
Weston Twiggy Weston Chilo Gorsty Firefly
Weston Sugar Plum
Llysun Blue Mist Gorsty Firefly
Weston Fair Faith

Laithehill Mimosa

Photo: Cadlan Valley Stud
Silver Medal Winner

Heaton Romeo
2005 Fayre Oaks top price
Eyarth Rio

Royal Welsh Champion &
4 - time top of the WPCS
sire ratings
Hafod Yr Esgob Buzby
Eyarth Zsa Zsa
Katarina of Kirkhamgate
Dam of the twice Wembley
winner Heaton Osca

Radmont Tarquin
Cola of Kirkhamgate
Laithehill Perdita

Medal winner
Laithehill Allegro

Royal Welsh winner
Abercrychan Spectator
1990 WPCS sire ratings winner
Weston Anita
Laithehill Cordelia
Chamberlayne Don Juan
Laithehill Harvest Dance

Photo courtesy: Cadlan Valley Stud, Wales

Eyarth Troy
Eyarth Troy (pictured as a yearling)


Manhattan's offspring